Blog Customizer

Say "hi" to Your Own Blog Style!

Now, you can customize your blog list, blog single, and blog archive to the last bit. Control every element, appearance, placement, alignment and edit ALL visual attributes through a completely visual editor.

Jupiter X - Design your blog list

Design Your Blog List.

Don’t limit yourself to premade styles for your blog list. With Jupiter X, you can finally define your own blog style. Add, remove, and edit the elements based on your blog and brand preferences.

Customize the hover effects, featured image, post title, meta description, excerpt, CTA button and much more, and see the results in real time!

Readymade Blog Single Templates.

Jupiter X - Readymade blog single templates
Jupiter X - Readymade blog single templates 2
Jupiter X - Readymade blog single templates 3
Jupiter X - Customize every aspect of your blog

Customize Every Aspect of Your Blog Single.

After choosing a blog single template, you can personalize it even further to make it suitable for your brand or preferences. Just like blog lists, you can customize everything, from featured image to author box and meta options in blog single pages.

Jupiter X - Show/hide elements

Show / Hide Blog Elements.

Only show the content that matters to your users! You can turn off all elements in your blog list and blog single, such as the featured image, title, Meta, tags, social share, CTA buttons, author box, categories, related posts, comments, navigation, and more.

Jupiter X - Manage widgets

Managing Your Blog Widgets is a Breeze.

Enjoy adding, removing, customizing and reordering your widgets while seeing real-time results. One more step to make your blog look unique.

Jupiter X - Responsive blog

Responsive to Any Device.

Imagine having a blog that looks perfect on any device, not just on desktops. With Jupiter X, you can now make your blog mobile and tablet friendly, and offer your site visitors the most pleasant user experience for every screen resolution.

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